Don’t say “Thank you” when someone helps you, say this instead and more corrections


This article will be detailed. So be prepared to get as much information as possible without arguing. Just find a comfortable place and learn new things in English.

Here are 7 words that you use incorrectly without knowing the correct letters;

1. Pregnant / Childbirth: If your wife really adopted you and not when your wife gave birth, are you pregnant, because many people are confused. I see most people say, "My wife hasn't been a father for 4 years," which is completely wrong. The correct sentence is; My wife was conceived in January, "which means she accepted or confirmed a pregnancy in January.

2. Drop / Flight: It's totally informal and it's just normal to say you want to come here sir if you are in a cab or cab. It is correct and more polite to use the word "Alight", for example. Uche "didn't miss the car" got out of the car earlier than expected.

3. Loans / Loans: The latter shows the "giving" effect while the former shows the "receiving" effect. So bad in English to say ten "Can I borrow your pen?" The action should be more like this; "I lent him my pen" (I gave him) I borrowed the pen "(I understand)

4. Pants / Shorts: Pants are worn by women and women, while shorts are worn by boys or boys. Next time, don't get confused or use them together.

5. By / At-At is used to indicate exact timing or accuracy, eg. B. "Meeting starts at 3 am," whereas through refers to an inappropriate or inappropriate time, for example: In 1966. "I have to pass."

6. Don't say "thank you" to people in professional locations, use the word "appreciate" instead. For example, when you have a new meeting, it is better to say "appreciate" than to say "thank you."

7. Compliments and additions:

Praise means saying something nice. Addition means added, improved, improved, completed or refined.


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