Enugu: One Sustains Bullet Wound As The Police Read Riot Act To Rioters In New Artisan Market


The riot started yesterday, 22/04/2021, following an attempt to enforce a court eviction order against the fulanis living in New Artisan.

Despite the heavy presence of the Police, Army, and Civil Defense, the rioters started a fresh attack today, setting vehicles ablaze.

According to an Igbo trader who has a shop within the New Artisan market, after the uproar of yesterday, the Fulanis mobilized in the midnight, burgled their shops, destroyed and made away with their properties. "Why should they do that? Are we the people that asked them (Fulanis) to leave Artisan?" He asked.

The Fulanis came out en masse with woods, cutlass, and other weapons, to attack and unleash mayhem on the residents of the area who were equally battle ready. 

The Area Commander of the Nigeria Police Force, Enugu reads the riot act to the rioters, using both English and Hausa languages, yet they riotously remain.

Gunshots were heard. Casualty was recorded as one of the rioters sustained a bullet injury, and was taken to a hospital.

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