" I honestly don't get why women get offended when men demand a DNA test "

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The Topic around Women refusing to give their baby daddies the baby's DNA to confirm identity is not gonna end any time soon .

So many Women out there feeling disrespected and insulted at when questioned about their children's DNA by the baby daddies. But Mogau Moeti feels like there's absolutely nothing wrong to be questioned about DNA by the baby daddy , if you have nothing to hide then relax and do right.

" I honestly don't get why women get offended when men demand a DNA test . I mean if you know you have nothing to hide , surely getting the test done shouldn't be such an issue " @Mogau Hauwi Moeti

This really caused feud amongst socializers , Some agreed while some had to fight Mogau and disagree with her . People quickly shaed their opinions regarding this matter and some shared experiences .

"As someone who have nothing to hide ! I'll take an offense to that! That is disrespectful and distasteful that you would sleep with me , come inside and demand p.test ... there's a say ... what i dont know , won't hurt me ! Rather do it out of my concern . " @Ms_Kefilwe

" Nah , there's absolutely nothing disrespectful if anything you write seem like you have something to hide . Women have and continue to commit paternity fraud . And also there's a saying in Zulu only the mother knows the child . Let's normalize DNA testing . " @A_Dot85

" it's fact that women are naturally honest beings , and that it's not easy for them to cheat when in-love . Now let's look at it this way .. the LOML that j have been faithful too insults me by asking for a DNA test , insinuating that i sleep around !!!! Weh I AM OFFENDED . " @kgosanaSihle


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