Medical Reasons Why One Breast May be Bigger Than The Other In Women

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The breast or "boobs" is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. Breasts come in different sizes, texture, characteristics, and shape. Most women tend to have one breast bigger than the other one, and this is known as asymmetrical breasts. Having an asymmetrical breast is pretty common amongst women according to health experts, so you do not have to feel like you are different, or have a serious health condition. For the purpose of this article, we are going to be looking at medical reasons why one breast is bigger than the other.

Reasons Why One Breast Maybe Bigger

a) Weight: loosing or gain weight can play a role in the size of the breasts. The breast is mostly made up of fats, and the size of the breast can actually vary because of an increase or reduction of your weight. When there is an increase or reduction of your weight, it doesn't affect all parts of your body. The same thing happens to be breasts because it is made up of mostly fat, and as your body weight changes, the breasts do not stay identical.

b) Genes: like I said above, having asymmetrical breast does not mean that you have any thing wrong with you, because it is pretty natural for women to have asymmetrical breasts. Asymmetrical breasts can often be attributed to genes from your mother or grandmother. Meaning that it your mother and grandmother have asymmetrical breasts, then that is probably the reason why you also have an asymmetrical breast.

c) Size And Shape Of The Rib Cage: the size and shape of the rib cage is another important reason why one breast can be bigger than the other. If the rib cages are not the same size and shape, the the breast will always appear different in size.

d) Puberty: during puberty alot of hormonal changes occur in the body. These hormonal changes, and the body physical development can lead to one breast getting bigger than the other.

Source: Yahoo, Self


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