The Lady Whom Governor Bello's Aid Jumabee Helped With a House Reacts After She's Confronted by Him

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The SSA to the Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello on entertainment Jumabee has confronted the lady whom he gave a house recently so to take her off the streets on why she came back there to beg.

There's viral report that the woman was seen on the streets begging for arms and also selling some wares on the street despite the help she's offered. In a video, Jumabee who's the SSA to the governor was filled with sadness as he narrated that after the help he proffered to the lady in order to mark his birthday, the lady sold everything in the house he gave to her two weeks after and returned to the streets. In his words to the womam, "what happened, how can I put you in a house, furnish it and you'll leave the house and come back to the streets? Before that time, one none organization from Facebook gave you a house, and that you sold the house to someone else and came back to the street..?"

In defence, the woman reacted that she's been seeking for the man to show appreciation and didn't sell the house as was said. She stated she only wanted to do business and that's why she came back there to sell those wares and not because she didn't appreciate what the man did got her.

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Credit: Linda Ikeji; Instagram

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