"So Embarrassing" Another Kisii Gospel Artiste Spotted Doing This While Launching His New Album



A gospel music artiste from Kisii County has shocked netizens after posting his newly launched video album doing embarrassing acrobatics dances while in mud. According to sources he is known as Geoffrey Magembe. Geoffrey Magembe a close ally and friend to Embarambamba is an upcoming gospel music artiste currently based in Nairobi. He is said to have started his music career while in high school.

According to sources Magembe Geoffrey is currently one of the dancers of Embarambamba, a gospel music artiste from Kisii who went viral after shooting his first Gospel hit while in mud. Later Embarambamba did unthinkable after his embarrassing video clip went viral. That video clip almost killed his reputation.

However Magembe Geoffrey being his close friend he is now emulating his styles and strategies. A thing that has sparked alot of reactions from people.


"Hello my friend Geoffrey Magembe, I think you want to trend. Please that is an automatically quality of a failure, indeed look means and ways to allure your instead of doing embarrassing acrobatics. Remember you are a gospel music artiste."

"Mr Geoffrey Magembe, I know you are looking for more likes and followers. Please avoid all those embarrassing acrobatics dances while in mud. Remember you are tainting the name of our community. Why are you acting like a mad man."


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