Archangels who serve as protectors and distribute wealth abundantly

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God possesses many archangels, the number of which has been studied over time. Fifteen supernatural archangels have been identified, including the primary seven who are widely regarded.

God Almighty understands human wants, thus He provided natural resources for people to live a full life on Earth. The Earth provides 95 percent of all natural resources. 

God Almighty created Archangels specifically for the purpose of taking possession of those natural resources. As Almighty Jehovah's messengers, they are tasked with assisting people when they are in need of such hidden treasures.

Below are the Archangels whom you can fast and pray for protection and wealth accumulation:

1. Archangel Jophiel – God's protection and the Great Giver of Joy. Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, aids us in appreciating the majesty of everything in our immediate environment. Archangel Jophiel's name means "beauty of God." She gives everything around her a particular shine and wonder. Archangel Jophiel is active whenever we take in stunning surroundings, are entranced by someone's appearance, or are in love of anything.

2. Archangel Uriel - In the Russian Orthodox Church, he is well recognized. Archangel Uriel is also referred to as the archangel of wisdom and a master of knowledge. The truth is revealed by Archangel Uriel, who is the light in the darkness. His empowering and freeing nature inspires others to be authentic and perceive things as they are rather than as opportunities for improvement. He may liberate people with his energies from deceit and the harmful effects of delusion.

3. Archangel Chamuel - The meaning of the name Chamuel is "He seeks God" or "He sees God." Its root is a term with comforting and compassionate meanings in Hebrew. He will do whatever it takes to spread love throughout the world since he is the personification of God's love.

Every time we ask Chamuel for assistance, we experience his unwavering love and devotion for humanity. He has connections that can help you take advantage of several chances.

4. Archangel Zadkiel - Zadkiel, the archangel of righteousness, is righteous and has a pure heart. He upholds justice and makes sure that everyone abides by the divine rules that God has established. He approaches issues in a balanced way and ensures that everyone can live happily. He is merciful and encourages people to turn to god when they are looking for forgiveness.

5. Archangel Raguel - The archangel of harmony and serenity is Raguel. It is his responsibility to keep fallen angels in check and make sure they do not cross any boundaries. Additionally, he tosses evil spirits into hell after destroying them.

He can assist us in attracting spiritual friendships and arrange marvels. These connections will provide us with greater levels of support, love, and compassion than we have ever known.

For their assistance in your life, fast and pray. They are ready to support you in all your efforts to increase your success and provide your complete protection.

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