4 Business Ideas That Might Relieve You Of Unemployment Problems

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As the cost of livelihood keeps increasing everyday, Kenyans are now being urged to consider setting up their own businesses. Due to high rate of unemployment and dependency ratio, hustlers will only sustain themselves through running their own preffered businesses. Although most people find difficulty in identifying viable businesses, I've come up with a few business ideas that they might consider setting up as follows;

1. Car detailing business; Almost everyday, rich people buy new cars. Unfortunately, these people do not have much details about the car they would like to buy. This is why they resell them after using it for a short time. This is a kind of business which is not flooded and it only needs social networking and determination to begin.

2. House cleaning business; Especially in big towns, rich people have no time to bend down and do thorough cleanliness. All that you need is a dusting machine and social networking in order to be easily reachable from your customers.

3. Tutoring business; Based on any academic field that you have good skills, you can monetize your services by coaching other people who need your services. You might be good in football and your colleagues will have to pay in order to utilize your skills.

4. Event planning; Everyday, various events are held in our neighborhood. People need planning services in; wedding ceremonies, circumcision ceremonies, home welcoming events, burial ceremonies, birthday parties, among others. People do not like embarrassment after the meeting for being disorganized.

In life, every opportunity counts. It only requires you to love what you are doing and capitalize on it.

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