That's A Foolish Notion, CS Kagwe Blasts 'The Washington Post' Over Criticism

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Patrick Gathara who is a cartoonist cum contributing columnist to The Washington Post [Photo courtesy: PRI]

On July 25th, 'The Washington Post' which is a US based daily newspaper published in its website an opinion article reading "Kenya’s government is abandoning its citizens in the face of disaster."

It was an article written by Patrick Gathara who is a 'Global Opinions' contributing columnist to the paper and it mainly criticized the Kenyan government over the manner in which it's handling coronavirus pandemic the has infected over 18,000 people in the country so far.

Screenshot of a July 25th article by The Washington Post

In the article, Patrick Gathara argued that the Kenyan Government had started off on the wrong foot in the fight against this disease and had done little to show that it was committed to help Kenyans out of this disaster.

Collage photo of CS Kagwe and the article

That by lifting lockdown or rather reopening the economy on July 6th then calling on Kenyans to be vigilant and take personal responsibility as one way to curb the spread of this disease and saying that an increase in the infections will be because of a failure on their part, the Kenyan government had abandoned it's citizens in the hour of their need.

Below are two screenshots of the article;

However, the country's health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe who seemed to have been bothered by the article revealed today on July 28th that he had read it but he dismissed the concerns raised by Patrick Gathara in it.

The CS responded by saying that "that's a very foolish notion by the foreign paper. We are asking Kenyans to take individual responsibilities in this war because it's individuals who get sick and it's individuals who die."

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe (without a mask) I a past press briefing [Photo courtesy: Standard Digital]

His argument comes barely 24 hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta announcing new COVID-19 rules in his 10th coronavirus briefing on July 27th in which he suspended selling of alcohol in eateries, restaurants and ordered indefinite closure of bars.

The President also used the COVID-19 briefing to remind Kenyans that the government can't man them at every turn over this issue and it was time for them to balance between individual rights and responsibilities.

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