Photos of the room and family of celebrity mad man 'Mona mo bl3"


A mentally challenged man who was born Samuel Kofi Ampofo in Akyem Swedru in the Eastern Region of Ghana has been going viral on social media recently with the popular nick name "Mona mo bl3"

(Mona no bl3 infront of his house)

Mona mo bl3 has become a celebrity mad man due to his video that has gone viral one social media with a lot of sensible statement that was least expected from a mad man of his kind.

(Mother of Mona no bl3)

In an interview with Kofi Adoma Wawani on Kofi TV on Sunday April 12, 2021, the popular celebrity mad man, Mona mo bl3 confirmed that his mental illness started a few days after he slept with a lady whom he believed to be a spirit.

(Father of Mona no bl3)

He has not also painted his room, one funny thing is that he has made couple of drawings on his wall. He has a drawing of raggae legend Lucky Dube, a drawing of the female sex organ and other strange images on his wall.

(Inside Mona no bl3's room)

After watching several videos of this celebrity mad man, you will wonder how he feeds himself, where he lives and who are his family members.

(A drawing on the wall of his room)

So in this article, we bring you photos of the family members, house and room of Ghana's one and only celebrity mad man, Mona mo bl3.

(Another drawing made by Mona no bl3 on his room wall)

He also explain to Kofi Adoma that, though he has had couple of ladies in bed during the time he was normal but he has no child.

(The entrance to the room of Mona no bl3)

He lives in a chamber and hall with his parents in Akyem Swedru in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

(A strange drawing made by Mona no bl3)

In his room, there is no furniture, television or fridge. Neither will you see a bed, carpet or a designed painted wall.

He just sleeps on a little mat and has a kitchen shelve on which he keeps his brush, pomade, comb and other personal stuffs.

(Entrance to his room has no door)

The most interesting part of the room where Mona mo bl3 sleeps is that the room has no door.

A whole chamber and hall room where the popular celebrity mad man, Mona mo bl3 sleeps has no door.

He has just used a white curtains at the entrance of the door and when Kofi Adoma asked him he explained that.

The reason why people lock up their rooms is the negative perception that someone will come into their room and steal their properties.

(Picture of Mona no mobl3)

But as for him, he does not have that kind of negative perception. He has a clear genuine mind and he does not think negative towards people and besides his heart is so pure.