Odo Oluweri Is A Popular River But You Can't Fish There — Oba Olalekan Reveals Why

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Nigeria is a multinational state with a lot of culture and traditions, mainly shaped by the country's many ethnic groups. Even so, many taboos abound in these many customs and traditions. Although, these taboos may seem laughable to some people, they are still held sacrosanct by the people to whom the apply. For instance, in Eke-Idemilli, it is forbidden to kill a snake and in some Yoruba cultures, it is a taboo for pregnant women to go near corpses.

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However, in Esure, a village in the Ijebu East Local Government Area of Ogun State, it is forbidden to fish in the Odo Oluweri River. In fact, the Obelu of Esure, Oba Olalekan Kasali, in an interview with Punch Newspaper on Sunday, revealed the reason behind this taboo.

According to the Oba, the river had so many fishes but even if one caught a fish there, it will never cook no matter how long the fish was cooked for. He explained that the river had been serving the community even before boreholes came and that the river had healing powers.

Oba Olalekan Kasali said thus:

“The Odo Oluweri is a very popular river; there are fishes in the river. But if you go there to fish, the fish will never get cooked, no matter how long you try. The river has been serving the community before boreholes came. It cures some diseases”.

Meanwhile, while recounting his journey to the throne and his achievements in the last one year, Oba Olalekan also spoke on the culture and traditions of his kingdom. He explained that the Esure Town was more like a gateway to Ijebu Mushin. So, the people of Esure are mostly farmers, petty traders and hunters, who are generally into buying and selling.

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Civilisation has indeed, washed our memories of some of our most revered customs and traditions. Notwithstanding, it still important that we remember them often.

What taboo can you recall that your community holds dear?

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