Meet The Family Of Ayitey Powers, His Luxurious Cars And House.


Ayittey powers is Ghanaian boxer who has lived all his life in Jamestown.

general Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers natural Michael Okine has avowed that he will individual find married once he is fifty-five being old.

According to him, the female he’s dating right away charges him each time in attendance is a squabble and it makes him feeling insecure for matrimony as he finds it extraordinarily strange.

“There is a little that happens to me with the female I’m dating. a bit tiny followed by she will arraignment me and participation if I don’t put down roots her she will leave. consequently I’ve certain that I will barely grasp married as I’m fifty-five existence old,” he told Yvonne Okoro.

Ayittey is of the belief that if he gets married to her at that age, she will plus be from the past by at that time and as a result will not threaten to result in him any time at hand is a problematic between them.