Pregnancy week by week: what to expect in the 22nd week

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At 22 weeks, you are in the fifth month of pregnancy and your baby has also reached a major milestone of exceeding the 1-pound mark.

Baby Development in the 22nd week

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1 Hearing your own heartbeat

Your baby may be able to hear sounds from inside your body including your breathing, heartbeat, and digestion, As your baby's hearing develops, the sounds heard becomes louder.

2 Wrinkly and hairy

At the 22nd week, your baby develops lanugo that covers the body and the deep creases on the skin. This hair will remain there until there is a layer of fat to fill them in.

Here are some changes that occur in the mother at 22 weeks

1 Stretch marks

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As your abdomen grows to accommodate your growing baby, you may notice stretch marks. Stretch marks can occur on your buttocks, thighs, hips, and breasts, however, they are most pronounced on your stomach.

2 Acne

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This can occur due to greater levels of hormones stimulating the skin to generate sebum which can keep the skin supple. However, too much can clog pores resulting in oily skin and blemishes.

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