DP Ruto's Morning Shocker As His Fellow Presidential Aspirant Dismisses Bottom Up Economic Model

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Bottom up economic model led the deputy president William Ruto has received a morning shocker after it was dismissed by the Democratic Party (DP) party flag bearer national assembly speaker Justin Muturi.

Speaker Muturi is claiming that, economic models will not help to solve the problems Kenyans are facing. He added that, economic models have been in existence for all this time but they have never solved Kenyan problem.

Muturi is asking other presidential aspirants if elected, must strengthen devolution and public participation to allow Kenyans to make decisions from the grassroots.

The speaker believes that, economic models have been in existence but, they have never been implemented no matter how the model is good.

It is like a blow to Deputy president and Raila Odinga's models which Muturi has dismissed that makes them walk around the country spreading the gospel on how their models will change the livelihoods.

Do you support the idea that, economic models will not save suffering Kenyans?

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