"Tuheshimiane" Angry DP Ruto Loses His Cool, Tells Off Hecklers in Laikipia (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday, December 7, Deputy President William Ruto took his Hustler Nation campaigns to Laikipia County.

While in the company of Woman Rep Catherine Waruguru, DP Ruto pitched tent in Laikipia West. The two held a roadside rally where they addressed the residents. Things were going on well until a section of the masses started misbehaving.

All hell broke loose when a small section of the crowd begun heckling and chanting anti-Waruguru slogans. "msaliti!msaliti!" the hecklers kept on shouting. Some anti-UDA slogans could also be heard from the crowd.

The noise went on for sometimes until the DP lost his cool and intervened.

"Msikuje hapa kupiga kelele kwa mkutano yangu. Kila mtu apange mkutano yake. Wacheni upuzi(Don't come to make noise at my rally. Everyone should plan their own rally. Stop this stupidity)," a visibly angry DP Ruto told off the hecklers.

After DP Ruto's outburst, calmness returned and the meeting continued peacefully.

Click here to watch the video of DP Ruto losing his cool in Laikipia.

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