Kenya Exports Crude Oil From Turkana To Singapore But No One Knows Of The Returns" Kisiangani Says

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President Kenyatta will be proud of the fact that, during his government, Kenya began exporting crude oil to Singapore and other nations.

Kenyans anticipated that the exploitation of oil in Turkana County would have a substantial impact on the economy, as the price of oil and related products would decrease.

As KEPRA announced an increase in fuel prices, Kiasiangani now claims that despite the fact that Kenya exports crude oil, no one knows how much has been sold, how much money has been made, or how the money has been spent.

Kisiangani was responding to a citizen who claimed that the increase in fuel costs in the country was due to the global increase of $50 per barrel of crude oil.


"We also export crude oil to Singapore from Turkana." Nobody knows how much we've sold thus far, how much money we've made, or where the funds have been allocated. If you have no problem with this, my brother, something is terribly wrong, "Kisiangani wrote.

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