New Twist In Caroline Kangogo's Case That Will Give Police Sleepless Nights


The search for the suspected serial killer Caroline Kangogo has now entered day seven. Different security enforcers; police, flying squad and the Millitary have been sent to different parts of the country to track her down.

Earlier reports indicate that Caroline has already transversed nine counties as of today. Detectives reveal that she was lately tracked down to Eldoret before she moved to her home village Nyawa.

A new twist gas now emerged in her search. Detectives have revealed that Caroline has dumped her old number in which she was using and has now acquired a new one. This now makes it hard for the police to find her compared to when she was using her initial number. They will have to work extra hard as well as burning their midnight oil if they want to find her.

Kenyans are urged to be careful so that they do not fall into her traps and later on lose their lives.