4 Reasons Why You Should Put Onions Under Your Feet When Going To Sleep


We all know that vegetables are great examples once consumed that help to keep our bodies healthy. Onions for a fact are ingredients used in food that are of great benefit to our bodies both internally and externally. Here are 5 benefitial health reasons why you should put onions under your feet when going to sleep.

1. Fights Infections

Onions have antibiotic properties and putting them beneath your feet when going to sleep improves and strengthens your body's ability to fight infections. This form of additional treatment works best apart from prescribed medication to lessen symptoms of your sickness.

2. Eradicate Toxins

Toxins are found in all environments regardless of how well you maintain yourself. Most of them are always quickly flushed out of our bodies and others remain in the blood making our bodies unhealthy. The phosphoric acid in onions helps cleanse these toxins especially when applied regularly keeping our feet and bodies healthy.

3. Boosts Immune System

Onions are great sources of essential vitamins C and E that are very helpful for a healthy body. They also contain antioxidants which are known for their anti-aging effects. Onions are great natural sources that not only boost your immune system but also keep you young reducing your reliance on expensive creams for your body.

4. Improves Your Lungs

Putting onions under your feet during the night helps cleanse your lungs from toxins left behind after quitting smoking. Onions helps in flushing out the tar and other harmful substances as the body works hard in clearing all the harmful effects of tobacco especially from someone who has recently stopped smoking.

Consider these techniques in improving your health as an additional treatment not to neglect your prescription medication or therapies. Feel free to ask any questions.

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