I Once Discovered That My Boyfriend Of 1 Year Plus Was A Catholic Priest- Lady Alleges


There are many reasons people keep secret from their partner. Many times, we have seen relationships built on lies. A woman has spoken out about her experience. On distance relationships. She stated that her ex man was a reverend father, a priest, and that they were planning to marry.

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She claimed she had been with him for over a year that things were going well between them, and that they were planning to marry until she discovered he was a reverend father. This is one of the reasons people should stop distance relationships. It always end in tears.

Even fathers are prohibited from marrying or having any relationship with a woman. What I don't understand is why some people claim to be men of God, called by God, but refuse to obey him. How can a reverend father be involved in a relationship when he knows it goes against his doctrine.

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So, if you've had a positive experience with distance relationship that hasn't resulted in harm, please share your story. And also your thoughts on reverend fathers engaging in a relationship with women while they are still priests. 

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