Actress Doris Ogala Calls Out Uche Elendu For Lying That Her Store Was Looted

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There's being plenty of unrest in the country ever since some hoodlums hijacked the peaceful #Endsars protest and started looting people's shop and destroying properties, one of the first people to complain of that is the Nollywood actress Uche Elendu.

Sharing the gut wretching news on her official Instagram page, she posted that she's still trying to recover from the shock which was obviously too much for her to handle, she said ever since she received the news that her shop which she has invested millions in was looted she became depressed, she went ahead to share some of the pictures of her Looted shop and even granted an interview with punch where she stated that her shop is worth #100 million.

A Screenshot of uche's Instagram post

However, another actress Doris Ogala,has accused her former friend and colleague Uche Elendu for lying about her Looted shop, according to Doris the pictures Uche shared belong to someone else, she went further on her Instagram post and asked Uche to edit her post and correct the errors or she'll be forced to expose her, she added that it's not nice that people are taking advantages of this situation and trying to get cheap sympathy at the expense of others pains

A screenshot of Doris Instagram post

Pictures Of The Looted shop

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