DP Ruto's Fiery Message to His Boss President Uhuru in His Own Mt Kenya Backyard


Deputy president William Ruto has finally responded to president Uhuru Kenyatta this time from the Head of State's Mount Kenya region.

In his response to his boss, deputy president William Ruto has said that he will not stop his frequent visits to the region since it dues not belong to one person entirely.

He noted that just the sand way both president Uhuru Kenyatta and and his were in the 2013 and 2017 ballot papers, he will continue visiting the people who gave him the mandate.

He disclosed that he is the deputy president of Kenya and hence will continue visiting a the parts of the country without fear or favour since he is just fulfilling his mandates as per the constitution.

This comes at a time when some people are plotting to kick him out of government because he is being perceived as a thorn in the flesh of some people who control the government.

Jubilee party vice chairperson David Murathe has already disclosed that he will be thrown out of the hustler nation mansion which is his official Karen residence in Nairobi.

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