"They Are going to build us weighing centres and not WHO standard hospitals" - Minority fires Gov't


The Minority in Parliament has prove government wrong, when they said they would be building 88 district hospitals and 7 regional hospital's at the end of the President's second term. In Parliament, this aguremet went on for a long time and the Minority seems to be able to pursue the NPP government to lay down their tools. The NDC one's criticed the government of feeding Ghanaian's with lies, and looking at the evidence of the Minority the Government can not build 88 district hospitals and 7 regional hospital's. This is as a result of the allocated budget to the Ghana health service, by Government.

President Akuffo-Addo, in his address last year announced Agenda 111, which entails the construction of 100-bed District Hospitals in 101 Districts, all new regions to aquire 7 regional hospital's. According to the Minority, Government allocated ¢1bn to the sector and this amount of money is equivalent to €149 this CAPEX can not build a standard hospital they said. The president claimed Agenda 111 to be the biggest investment made, in the health sector. The NDC MP's asked the Government how they would build such hospitals because our budget can not build, a Standard hospital or They are going to build us weighing centers, and not standard hospitals. The Minority in Parliament lead by Haruna iddrisu fired, government and asked government to come clean about their promises.

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