"Uhuru Should Be First To Take Jab", Dr Githinji Gitahi On Covid-19 Vaccine


Amref Africa C.E.O. Dr. Gitahi Githinji proposed that President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta would do well to boost national morale by being the first to take the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

Speaking on national television late Wednesday night Gitahi said the rumours that the brand availed to Kenya by COVAX-supplied had been rejected elsewhere should be eschewed as the Covid-19 variant to which the vaccine was not effective in South Africa is not the same prevalent in Kenya.

People allergic to egg proteins or chicken allergy are safe with the vaccine as it has no components of such proteins in its make-up. The area concerning pregnant women is still grey and research furiously ongoing. However Frontline workers in whatever state they are would find it more prudent to get the vaccine than opt out for fear of side-effects.

Dr. Gitahi also revealed that the vaccine does not stop one from being infected, it only stops one from showing severe symptoms of the disease.

Speaking on the same show Dr Eunice Ndirangu said the vaccines are here and we should stop absorbing misinformation in the social media and take up the chance to redeem ourselves.

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