TV3 Date Rush: The Freshest Male and Female - Process and Ellen.


The TV3 Date Rush Show - the season 4 and 5 was actually wrapped up in a spectacular atmosphere as some of the contestants were awarded.

There were many categories ranging from the hilarious male and female to the couple of the season.

However there were alot of backlashes here and there on social media concerning the Freshest male and female - after Process and Ellen grabbed the awards.


The Freshest male of the date rush season 4 and 5 was awarded to Process which of course choked the lovers of the date rush show on last Sunday.

On a more serious note Process is really one of the very handsome young gentlemen who went on the TV3 Date Rush show to find love - and which of he chose Alberta for a date.

But the truth of the matter is that Process is really been trolled down on the social media because alot of people are really against him been crowned the overall freshest male of the date rush season 4 and 5.

Despite everything Process is now the happiest man on earth.


The overall freshest female for date rush season 4 and 5 was awarded to Ellen.

Ellen actually deserved the Freshest female because she's so beautiful and she really appear to be someone who's very sober.

After all said and done the management of the TV3 Date Rush show have really done a massive job.