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Speaking is an activity that deals with the pronunciation of words. It involves oral conversation, talk or interaction with others verbally. It is important to know how to express yourself with language that will be useful in many situations. For example, Asking people to do something for you or making requests, meeting with friends, expressing your opinion or making a suggestion all require you to speak. Making Speech goes beyond merely speaking to making correct pronunciation of words. Words are to be rightly pronounced in order to make the information passed audible and clear to the audience. Public speakers are trained orators who speak, teach, lecture, motivate, advise in forums, seminars, academic symposiums, and so on. They are called upon or invited to share their bits of knowledge, experience, opinions, and advice with the audience. Becoming a professional public speaker requires training, self improvement, and other significant requirements, which are listed below.

Develop your vocabulary

 To become an efficient speaker, you have to develop and widen your vocabulary, that is, learn new words and their right application in your speech. Vocabulary refers to words that you know and use.For instance, if you have an idea of the topic or discussion that comes up or you are to speak at an event, you can revise relevant vocabulary using your dictionary as a guide. The audience are very attentive to a speaker's speech and can easily denote any error made by the speaker. You should take time to build your choice of words (vocabulary), understand what each words you speak connotes and proper usage of those words (collocation). It is advisable to you your dictionary, educative videos to boost your speaking ability. Some English words are old fashioned or outdated and some are to be used in informal setting. Take note of these to prevent any error or avoidance mistake.

Practice the functional language 

Another necessary thing to put in place beside your vocabulary, is revising the kind of language that is needed in discussions or for presenting information or preferences. Do you ever wonder why you admire some public speakers when you hear them? Well, it is not far fetched, it is because they put their energy into developing their speaking skills. You must take your time to practice the language, which will needed as a means of interaction in a event/occasion. "Practice brings perfection" people who are successful give time to develop their potentials. The language you employ in communicating to your audience matters and ensure you have a good understanding of it prior to making your speech. If you will be using two or more language to communicate with your audience, be versatile in them and do well to practice thoroughly.


Be efficient in your pronunciation

Practice is essential for your efficiency. Your pronunciation of words can affect your speech if you falter. During your practice, keep notes of words that are difficult to pronounce, revise and repeat them until you get them right. You should also note some words are pronounced differently from the way they are spelt. For example, words like, Castle, sword, doubt, comb, thumbgnaw etc. have their bold letters silent when pronounced. Also, there are some pairs of words that have exactly the same spelling but have different word class and are pronounced differently. Some examples are, Read (present and past tense), object ( noun & verb), conduct (noun & verb) etc. Build your pronunciation by using your dictionary, listening to top speakers who are versatile with their vocabulary.



 Boldness is very important in public speaking, it cannot be ruled out; speaking or conversing with your friends or audience requires you being bold and confident. Boldness helps you to compose or comport yourself before your audience which help you get their attention. If you have a challenge or find it hard to stand before people as a result of being shy. You can apply these tips:

• Stand in front of your mirror and speak to yourself, keeping your gaze fixed on your image.It may look awkward at first, but keep doing it repeatedly until you're able to keep your focus.

 • You can organise a talk among your friends or neighbours, give a brief speech before them and ask them to grade your comportment, confidence, speech to ascertain how bold you are. Practice is necessary and must be done frequently to become a "Pro". 

 Read relevant books on speech development, study yourself to know which method suits you and adopt it to aid your speaking skill.



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