Terrorism and Armed Robbery on the rise: Can security services protect us from these attacks


The republic of Ghana could slip down from being the peaceful country in Africa and that of the world if care is not taken. Just this year the rise of armed robbery, in the country has made us lost our loved ones so as investors. This according to some experts are as a result of the high rate of unemployment in the country, the leaders in this country have once again started to call for Ghanaian's to be vigilant because terrorist groups are recruiting Ghanaian youth. This could also lead to the high rate of armed robbery in the country as well. The most important question all are asking is that, could the security services provide adequate security for Ghanaian's and also fight against such acts from happening.

The answer seems to be a "YES" the Ghana Armed forces has proven behind dought that they are indeed capable to protect Ghanaian's. The police service has also been on high alert in fighting against these acts, the police service (counter terrorism team) today has decided to work together with the immigration service, fire service and residents in the country to help fight acts such as terrorism and Armed Robbery. The police service counter terrorism team, has putten alot in place to help fight criminals in the country. In ending robbery and terrorism, the security services has deployed terrorism team across all 16 regions in Ghana. This is to help protect us against robbery and terrorism, looking at the way things are going the security services in Ghana could indeed protect us from armed robbery and terrorism.

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