How To Communicate with Your Boyfriend (Ladies Do These Things To Win Your Boyfriends Forever)


1. Present the issue to your boyfriend. Initiate the conversation with a statement that plainly describes the issue you are having. Do not attach any feelings, interpretation, or blame to the statement. State it as a fact, not an option.

For example, "Mike, we haven't spent much time together lately" or "Rowan, we aren't connecting like we used to.

2. Use "I" statements to discuss your feelings. Expressing yourself with "I" statements allows you to take sole ownership for your feelings. Instead of saying "You make me feel ____," you're stating "I feel ____".

For example, "Over the past month, I felt like I wasn't a priority to you" or "Since school started, I feel like you have focused more on football than on our relationship.

3. Ask him to change his behavior. Once you've explained the situation and how it's made you feel, it is time to ask him to take action. Think of what he needs to do to make you feel differently about the situation.

For example, "Mike, I would really appreciate it if you would make time to hang out with me" or "Rowan, I know you are busy with practice and we can't see each other much during the week. Will you try to call me on your way home for practice everyday so we have a chance to catch up?

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