Why Spend Millions On A Cathedral When The Nation Is Sinking?

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The National Cathedral has been a topic of debate among Ghanaians. Some Ghanaians are in favour of the motion for the National Cathedral, while some Ghanaians are against it. But it seems the majority of Ghanaians are against the National Cathedral. Many are questioning why the government is investing millions in building the National Cathedral in this economy characterised by challenges and hardship.

Manasseh Azure, a popular Ghanaian journalist, appears to be sceptical of the government's plans to build a national cathedral.He doesn't understand why the government should spend millions on the National Cathedral when the nation is sinking.

"So why spend millions on a Cathedral when the nation is sinking? Is it that they just don't care?" Manasseh Azure question and people online can't stop Reacting to it.

"Go to the US and see whether there aren't poor ppl there? The Bible says we will always have the poor. When Solomon built the House of God weren't there poor ppl? The building of the National Theatre was it a necessity at the time that it was built? Mr. Azure you have a long way". Emma Joe replies.

Bright Agbale also Writes," Everything will be fine after we've built the cathedral. We don't even have to accept Christ as our saviour. Every Ghanaian will be an automatic candidate to heaven."

If you check Emma Joe comment, you can see that they are for the motion. They would love the National Cathedral to be built.

Cris Cross also Writes, "What do you expect? Here is someone who has no Chance of standing for another election and has the public purse in his pocket. Has anyone even taken the time to ask why he didn’t decide to build the cathedral in his first term?"

Check out more reactions from users online below.

What is your view on this? Do you think the government is doing the right thing by building the National Cathedral at this time when the nation is sinking according to Manasseh Azure? Please leave your comments below and don't forget to follow me for more updates. Thank you.

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