Good news as doctors reveal the Covid-91 vaccine price will be affordable

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Everyone will have an access to Covid-19 vaccine due to its affordable pricing.

Revealing this at the Financial Times online event, the Germany biotech firm head of strategy Ryan Richardson said the price tag would eventually reflect financial challenges of every region.

“I expect there to be differential pricing in certain regions of the world,” he added, declining to elaborate on the different price tags.

According to blog, BioNTech with Pfizer are the firms behind the successful drug that seems to be ready for human use anytime.

“We’ve tried to pursue a balanced approach that recognizes that innovation requires capital and investment so we plan to price our vaccine well below typical market rates reflecting the situation that we’re in and with the goal to insure broad-based access around the world,” Richardson said at the FT event.

This is happening even as task force from the White House is preparing to roll out distribution plans anytime from end month.

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