Check out this man with fufu pistol in his hand


Look at what this man is holding in his hand with his luggage at the same time, and I ask where is he going with that? is he travelling to his country with that?

or going to give it to someone as you can see there another person directing him or even showing him around, the question in mind is did he just arrive with that or is it a gift please help me with this i don't understand it and if is a gift who is it for?

this is really interesting,can you Gest where he is and who he was with I mean the woman that is pointing her fingers to direct him as you can see in the picture

Our own nana Aba anamoh posted this on her Instagram page

This is what she said. the lady pointing her had who is she can you recognize her and tell us what you think

the white man is doing with the fufu pistol or what is called 

What do you call it in your languag your opinion and thought thanks for reading