Tuition Free Tertiary Education to begin in the 2022 Academic year?

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Free Tertiary Education to begin with Tuition free in the 2022 Academic year, Free Secondary Education, the government flagship initiative has been recommended by the international community of which many African countries intend to practice. Despite the challenges of the free secondary education, it has emerged as the best social intervention program by the government of Ghana.

Four hundred thousand students graduated from the free secondary education in the year 2020 and over four hundred thousand students are to complete their secondary education this year. Some students have been able to achieved their dream of secondary education through the free secondary education policy.

The policy has increased the demand of secondary education, double track educational system was introduced to give access to the increasing number of students in the Senior High Schools. With all the challenges, the first batch of students excel in the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).

With the successful implementation of the free secondary education policy, the government has seen it necessary to extend the policy to the tertiary level by subsidizing the tuition fee for tertiary institutions, making it tuition free for all institutions. 

The hostel fee and residential facility user fees are the components in the fees that cost high for the tertiary students. The government is considering scrapping the tuition fees and subsidized the utility bills. There are a lot of Senior High School graduates who were unable to further their education due to financial issues will get opportunity to do so. 

The free tertiary education is scheduled to begin with tuition free for the 2022 academic year, one important aspect that should be taken into consideration before enrolling the program is the facilities at the various tertiary institutions.

Some Ghanaians believe the promise of free tertiary education is a mere political lip service, we have few months to 2022 academic to witness it’s implementation. The challenges in the free secondary education should serve as a guide. Let’s correct the wrongs in the free secondary education before rolling out free tertiary education which will be a good policy in our educational system.

Educational policies should be devoid of politics, education is the backbone of a countries workforce. 

Attention should be given to the basic schools, since the introduction of free secondary education, the Senior High Schools have seen numerous of infrastructural projects while the Junior High Schools are dire need of infrastructure, Teaching and Learning materials. These challenges should be addressed before considering free tertiary education in the country.

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