"Kesho Waanikane Wakitaka Kuchangiwa" Hamo And Jemutai told After Sharing This


Couples that's been married for a significant amount of time or are still in the courtship process will always dream of living a peaceful life and enjoying the precious moments with their loved ones. This is because healthy marriages and courtships play a big role in the well being of the parties involved spiritually, psychologically and health wise.

That's the case of these two love birds professor Hamo and comedian Jemutai who have always graced our television screens. Though their relationship was hit with some storms when Jemutai accused Hamo of neglecting his responsibilities earlier this year, it seems the two have resolved their disputes and are willing to take their relationship to the next level.

This is according to a post from Tuko's Facebook page which has quoted professor Hamo's words that were captured from his Instagram account. According to the post, Hamo now wants to build a house that Jemutai will definitely make it her home. From the same post, Jemutai shared a photo of herself and Hamo at a piece of land and wrote "My heart is full. Let's build a home"

Netizens have since reacted to the post some criticizing their move while others are encouraging them and wishing them all the best in their love. Following are screenshots.

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