Zora Citizen Tv Tuesday 18Th Episode (Video)

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In the tomorrow's Zora show, Madiba finally proposes to Nana.Madiba visited Nana with a gift of a bunch of rose flowers.He later gave Nana an engagement ring after proposing to her.

Nana promised to marry Madiba.Thereafter,they went to the hospital for an ultrasound sound to reveal the baby's gender.Madiba was very excited when Nana accepted his request of marrying him.

When Madiba went to the Chibale's home,Zalena was happy to see them together.She congratulated them after seeing the ultrasound report.However,Kwame was not convinced that Madiba is in love with Nana because he knows Madiba never loves Nana despite Nana expecting his baby.

Towards the end of the episode,Zalena advices Madiba not to trust Neema.She told Madiba to not involve Neema in investigating Ogolla.Talia also revealed that she is in love with Madiba when she visited Alma's grave site.


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