Education the basic tool for National Development.

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The word 'Education' has been conceptualized differently by individuals and as a result has diverse definitions. In this context however education is looked at as "a conscious and purposeful efforts directly towards the transmission of accumulated knowledge, skills and attitudes from one generation to another with the ultimate aim of producing individuals who will be relevant and useful to themselves and the society". This means that education does not only have to do with high level of literacy but also the development of the mind, moral conduct and discipline in order to produce a total individual who should become an agent of development in the society.

National development on the other hand is the positive change and growth that takes place in a nation. For any nation to experience this change, it must have to do with the level of education of its citizens. The place of education in national development cannot be overemphasized. According to Martin Luther:

"The prosperity of a country depends not on the abundance of its revenue nor the strength of its public buildings but consists of the number of the cultivated citizens whose men and women are educated and enlightened"

This implies that education is a sure and potent force that can be utilized to bring about national development, if given priority attention by stakeholders, education is indeed the pillar on which a nation's development rests. Parents are the first instructors of children on basic moral skills and knowledge while teachers as the custodians of acquired knowledge are responsible to impact the children correctly. Government is seen as a backbone that support the implementation of this concept through funding of educational projects, provision of infrastructure and payment of teachers

Now how can nation become developed like America, Britain, Japan, Germany , and the rest just to mention but a few, I believe it is possible if we would give human resource development a priority today through education.

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