Ikuru Yattan Leaves Most Kenyans Smiling After Making This Announcement On This Years Budget


Kenyans have been curiously looking forward to release of this year's budget. This comes after several questions ran people's minds about what CS Ikuru Yattan might say during the budget reading. This comes as many people expected the worst ahead following the current situation. Many were expecting the worst since the country is under pressure to fetch more funds to pay the pending loans. However, many people couldn't stop smiling after Ikuru Yattan made the following announcements.

Speaking at the parliament, Ikuru Yattan stated that the budget will major in creating jobs for Kenyan youths who are suffering out there. Ikuru Yattan put it clear that the government has allocated enough money that will be given to the youths through certain job opportunities. Among such opportunities, he talked about the 'Kazi Mtaani' initiative that meant to create jobs.

To add on this, Ikuru Yattan sent good news to those Kenyans who live in slums and other places struggling. He said that the government has allocated some funds which will be given out through aid programs at ground level.

Students have also emerged to be the major beneficiaries as put by CS Yattan. This comes after he put it clear that the budget is going to allocate some funds to students to find their school fees and furniture.

Kadiva kenya_public@operanewshub.com