Photos Of Northern Nigeria Foods That Will Make You Salivate


Northern Nigeria has one of the delicious cuisines in the world, which includes dishes or food items gotten from the various ethnic group that makes up the northern Nigeria.

Northern Nigerian delicious cuisine like those of other West African countries such as Benin and ghana contains herbs and spices alongside groundnut oil to produce deeply-delicious foods and soups with an enticing aroma.

The northern part of Nigeria is mainly an agrarian society which means they have all delicious food ingredients around them. It is no longer debatable that the north feeds the nation.

The Northern Nigeria dishes never run out of protein. Various meats such as mutton, beef, and chicken and different species of fish are often used to embellish it to your relish.

Here are photos of delicious northern Nigeria dishes that will blow your taste buds.

e if you ever visit Northern Nigeria, make sure you have a taste of one or more of these delicious cuisines. You will be glad you did.