Really Sad As Mother And Daughter Painfully Lost Their Lives At The Same Time - Full Details


Emotional reactions coming from people on social media regarding a photo that got posted today on the internet really indicate how painful it feels to loose mother and daughter at the same unexpected time. What is the world turning into? That's exactly the question I was asking myself when I personally saw this photo of a mother and daughter who were killed by a rapist.

To end someone's life has been the easiest thing some people are engaging themselves in today, all because of money and their personal interest. Taking good care of yourself in our modern world is not even making any impact to stop these happenings anymore, except the Almighty God's protection, which we need to pray for all the times.

Information reaching us indicate that, the rapist was trying to rape the young girl but while struggling to do that, the young girl's mother showed up after hearing the voice of her daughter. Through the struggling with both of them, the rapist succeeded in hitting both of them with hammer, and that was their end.

The mother according to the news died at a spot but her daughter spent two weeks at the hospital before.

Below appears the photo that got posted.


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