Glory Be To God: Ghana's Covid-19 Active Cases Decreased Drastically - Full Details Here


Glory be to God as Ghana's Covid-19 active cases decreased drastically and massively, this calls for jubilation as gradually, the Covid-19 active cases dropped.

Rush to the hospital immediately if you experience these illness or symptoms; they include; fever, dry cough and tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes are some common symptoms.

The virus can be transmitted from person to person through coughing, handshake or even hugging.

According to the Ghana Health Service, the Covid-19 active cases as at today stands at 1,259 with 24 new cases and 783 deaths recorded since Ghana's first case in the country.

Remember to follow the safety precautions to help fight the virus to the last end. Always wash your hands regularly under running water, sanitize your hands with alcoholic base sanitizer, practice social distancing and avoid handshake as well as hugging.

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Press on the link below to read more on the virus on the official website of the Ghana Health Service


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