Clout chasing: chasing fame by any means

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According to Google Trends, the term "clout" just entered the general lexicon in August of 2017. Many people have started to use terms like "clout" and "clout chasing" while striving to get internet popularity. "A person who exclusively goes out with select individuals or initiates feud with people to acquire fame," according to Urban Dictionary.

Social media, on the other hand, has given many individuals the freedom to do and say anything they want. By the way, the actual meaning of seeking clout on social media is someone chasing power or popularity.

People may seek clout on social media by writing comments and sharing photographs that promote their phony lifestyle. Alternatively, they may pretend to be someone else in order to make friends with a renowned person with greater "clout" from whom they might benefit. Those that engage in this form of clout-hunting are known as "Clout leeches."

Since people started labeling anybody who aspires to be successful a "clout chaser," the phrase "chasing clout" has been criticized. The difference between those who just want to succeed and clout chasers is that clout chasers are prepared to give up their individuality in order to achieve renown.

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