How To Prevent Mother To Child Transmission Of HIV


Did you realize that presently numerous kids who are born to mums who are HIV positive are free from the disease? Indeed! This is a reality! The truth. With these basic stages a mum who is positive can have a kid who is negative! This is very essential to know 

- Get tested! Each one should test for it. Its free 

- Once you get pregnant you are tested twice before pregnancy closes. 

- If it's certain you are quickly put on anteretroviral prescriptions. When you take it, the viral burden diminishes and the chance of passing the contamination to your kid diminishes. 

- Regular and specialised antenatal care is urgent. Go to antenatal center and report early when you have any infection or concern. 

- You will require health professionals who have the required skills to help lessen the odds of passing the infection to the new conceived infant. This is why you need to put to birth in a clinic 

- After birth, the infant is additionally put on drugs beginning the day of birth. It likewise decreases the odds of getting the infections from the mum. 

- Mother can breastfeed only as long as she is on the meds and infant is also on her medicine. She ought to likewise eat nutritious suppers and keep up great personal hygiene. 

- If you tested negative it doesn't mean you are free, you can never get it if it happens that you don't practice safe sex, we are for the most part helpless and recollect the ABC's to forestall HIV transmission. 

- Partner and family support is vital, be there to help them sincerely and help them to remember their arrangements. 

Be open, talk to your primary care physician or birthing specialist pretty much the entirety of your interests. There is support in our different health facilities to help you stay strong and healthy.