Check Out The 2 Places In Nigeria Which People Are Believed To Have Originated From Egypt.

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Without a doubt, Nigerians are blessed with no less than 500 tribes, many of which speak different languages, dialects, and have different cultures that stand as their identification.

Furthermore, out of the large number of tribes that Nigerians are blessed with, there are two tribes that have accepted the belief that they originated from Egypt, the northern part of Africa.

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Benin Tribe:

Undoubtedly, Benin people remain one of the oldest tribes in Nigeria. Their kingdom has existed for a long time. However, these people write in their history that they originated from Egypt.

According to their history, the Benin people left Egypt thousands of years ago to get more resources and shelter. They first settled in modern-day Sudan before continuing their journey down to Ile-ife, where people had been living at that time. 

It was known that Benin people lived in Ile-ife, which they pronounced as "Uhe", before sending a powerful hunter to investigate their present day location to know if it would be favourable or not, after the hunter did they work, the result is favourable and they migrated down to live there.

Benin people are more comfortable in their new land and they built one of the mightiest and one of the most powerful kingdoms in Africa there.

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Igala Tribe:

According to the history of the Igala people, they believe that they didn't only originated from Egypt but that they ruled the ancient Egypt for at least 90 years before coming down to the western part of Africa.

 After leaving Egypt with the Ancient Egyptian language known as Tjebu, known as Ojobe in Igala language. they settled down beside the River Niger, where they established their kingdom and many of them became farmers and hunters.

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