Medikal Should Have Answered His Questions Peacefully, Strongman Felt Disrespected Again-Fans


Both Medikal and Strongman are fantastic rappers with their own fan bases.They are regarded as the pioneers of Ghanaian circular music and of course have a huge online following.They have both been involved in several musical banters which have gone a long way to affect their crafts both negatively and positively

However fans have reacted to another online banter between the two rappers today.According to the fans, Medikal should have answered his questions peacefully and that Strongman man felt disrespected again

Most of the fans said Medikal was triggered when Abeiku asked about his past battles with Strongman hence he decided to go all out let the world know he was still relevant than him.Others also chipped in that Strongman had no choice than to retaliate to keep his dignity intact

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below

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