A Mother Who Accidentally Landed Among Robbers In Nairobi Ruthlessly Harmed


Cases of criminology are consistently rising in the nation. This is happens as the streets of Nairobi remains a major hotspot. We have always heard news that there are certain armed young men who always operate behind the corridors. These are actually people who are always on a mission to find something for themselves by force.

It's too sad that today, a mother fell in the hands of the merciless robbers. According to the post on Nairobi Crime Free Facebook page, it's reported that the incident happened at around 5:30 very early in the morning today. 

The bread winner found herself in their arms while going to work. The mother narrated that the robbers operated her using a machete. This is a story that she narrated in extreme pain about how it happened. 

It's hight time parents and their children get very cautious at such a time when schools are closed. Meanwhile, the government should intervene in such a scenario.

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