The Magic Ritual To Increase Sales And Attract More Customers In Business-Very Powerful


Whenever a person experiences slow-moving business, it makes that person experience emotional trauma, making that person feel like committing suicide. Beloved, never kill yourself because this ritual is going to make the way for you. Whatever business you are doing, I urge you to embark on this ritual because it is very effective. Whether you being a PK seller, coconut seller, shop owner, a pastor, this ritual will help and attract more customers to your business.

Whoever has sent your business to the juju man and want your retrogression because of your wonderful beginning. Please try and follow this ritual very well because it is very effective as I keep saying. The things needed for these rituals are;

  1. The root of pawpaw: When you get this pawpaw root, cut them into pieces depending on the number of pieces you may need. When you get the number up to twenty-one, that will be okay for the ritual.
  2. Alligator pepper: Alligator pepper, locally called (efom wisa). I will urge you to mash the Alligator pepper completely and all it to the Pawpaw root.
  3. Basel leaves: The Basel leaves are locally called (Akoko misa). Wash the Basel leaves in water to clear every dirt on them.

These are the three things you will be needing for the ritual. What you will do is to;

  1. Fill a pot(Kukuo) with water.
  2. Introduce your crushed Alligator pepper, Basel leaves and your pieces of Pawpaw root into the water.
  3. Boil it for twenty to thirty minutes and offset it from the fire.
  4. Find any sizable container and pour the water from the pot into it.
  5. Make sure you will bathe some every day and sprinkle some of the water in your workplace.

Once you can perform this ritual, customers will begin to have an encounter with you. Customers will come to and fro in your business. It is necessary to obey than sacrifice. It is not every business you must invest your money into a business that's why it is necessary to ask a spiritual man before investing your money into a business.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers. In case you could not understand anything in this article, you can ask me in the comment section.

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