5 Kenyan Celebrities Battling Incurable Diseases


1. Wambui Ngugi.

Elani's stunning songstress recently opened up on her YouTube channel about her incurable condition Androgenetic hair loss. This disorder causes a significant loss of hair density in a specific region of her scalp.

2. Frankie Kiarie.

Frankie Just Gym is a well-known fitness enthusiast who goes by the moniker of Frankie Justgymit . It began when he was diagnosed with vitiligo, a rare skin disease in which the skin's pigment cells are lost, resulting in darker and lighter patches on his body.

3. Gladys Gachanja.

Since birth, the celebrated NTV news anchor has had Atopic Dermatitis, a disease that causes her skin to become red and itchy. Her son was also born with it, she revealed.

4. Chris Kirubi .

Chris Kirubi, a revered City billionaire, revealed that he is fighting Colon cancer. Chris admitted in a previous interview that acknowledging his condition was extremely difficult.

5. Joy Kendi

The fashionista revealed that she was suffering from Dyslexia, a learning disability marked by challenges in learning. It's been with her since she was eleven years old.

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