Meet Scott Perry The Guy Who Got Married To His Cat

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In this world, alot of weird things happen day in day out. There is no day that we will not hear a different story.

In today's article, I have gathered some information about ScottPerry a guy in carlifornia who got married to his cat.

Scott Perry adopted Olivia(the cat) in 2015. Originally, the name of the cat was Collette before it was changed to Olivia.

According to Scott, Olivia was shy at first. It was only when Scott went through his breakup that Olivia became more affectionate.

Scott realized how good Olivia was to him and decided to propose to Olivia. In a post on Scott's Instagram account he started that she has accepted his proposal.

Scott and Olivia got Married on 23rd May, 2021 and according to Scott, he did this to raise funds to help a project.

Do you think it is good to marry your best pet?

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