Clergyman, 34, Caught By Wife Taking A Glance At Their Housemaid While Bathing In Washroom

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A 34-year-old clergyman was on Friday caught by wife taking a glance at their housemaid while bathing in the washroom.

The incident happened on friday afternoon when the clergyman's better half was away from home.

Sources privy to this desk revealed that the man was spotted by their herdsboy and notified his wife.

It is reported that the pastor was later slapped so hard at the back of his ears by the furious woman who found standing next to the washroom.

"Why are you peeping through the key hole when the house girl is bathing? What is it that am denying you? What is all this for?" His wife asked.

The suspect was shocked and began sweating excessively leaving many of his neighbours laughing.

On his part, he said;

"I don't know who is taking shower inside the washroom," the clergyman said, shaking terribly with his heart beating rhythmically.

His wife then told him, "I know your intentions and you leave your nonsense. I will make sure you refrain from such habits. You are a man of God," his wife added.

"Don't even get me started, we are in public remember I caught you red handed," the woman stated.

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