Dear KCSE Candidates After Submitting Your Course Application, Here Is How To Check Your Placement

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At midnight on June 2, 2022, the deadline for KCSE candidates to apply for university, college, and TVET placements through KUCCPS was meant. The KCSE candidates had a modest two-week window in which to select courses that met all of the specifications set forth by their respective KCSE grades and educational institutions. Because they don't know what they should do next after submitting their application or if their application was rejected, the applicants are clearly in a state of fear. No need to be alarmed about the next stage because what follows will provide you with a clear outline of what needs to be done in the days ahead of time.

During the initial review of the application procedure, you are given a second chance to apply after completing the exercise period. Remember that the second review is only for those students who were unsuccessful in their first application session. This means that not every candidate will be able to get into their dream school on their first try.

Candidates who need to retake the exam must choose new courses and institutions from among those that have openings. One of the reasons you could be excluded from the first round of placement is because you did not achieve the minimum number of cluster points required for the course.

After the deadline for the first placement period, all candidates should log onto the KUCCPS site to see if their application was successful or if they need to reapply.

In the minds of many applicants, how do you find out which university you've been accepted into? After the deadline for the second revision, applicants will be requested to log into the KUCCPS portal, where their university will be shown on the dashboard.

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