Kenyans Breathe Fire After Video Shows DJ Evolve Struggling To Speak

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Six months ago, controversial politician Babu Owino was caught on camera shooting at an unarmed Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve. The shot has gradually become a turning point in the life of the young entertainer. The deejay was left paralyzed and currently cannot move an inch.

Kenyans have repeatedly scoffed at the courts for setting free the Embakasi East lawmaker. They claim that Babu Owino should be in prison for ruining the life of the youngman.

In a special report run by Dan Mwangi of NTV, DJ Evolve was shown struggling to speak due to a destroyed voicebox. His voice was not clear as he narrated his side of the story. The DJ claims that he has left everything in the hands of God and that he hopes he will be back on the decks soon.

His mother also spoke to the journalist stating how her son's condition disturbed her. She however confessed that the legislator, Paul Ongili, has settled part of the Ksh 17 million hospital bill.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on a post shared by NTV:

Keit Stevens: My sister let GOD intervene in your life and let your wish be grunted and let GOD bless the work of your hands and those cute girls in the name of Jesus Christ 

Mark Otweyo: Quick recovery to Felix and may justice prevail, however, the reporter seems to be reading an authored script to drive certain agenda. Babu apologized, talked the family and paid bills, the matter is still in court but the wording of the news bulletin is suspicious.

Amos Okoth: So sad " but here in Kenya Justice delayed is Justice denied . And Court's only work for rich people and mweshimiwas.

Kathline Kamau: He must be sued for damages,,so sad ati mweshimiwa,,, in other civilized countries, he would have been a criminal.

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