Ladies Avoid These Things When Pregnant They can Cause Premature Birth


Each and everyday there are so many cases of premature birth. Whereby a baby is born before nine months. The baby end up staying in hospital for months before he or she can be discharged. As a mother this is usually a very hard time mostly if you are in public hospital. You always need to feed the baby with breast milk and since the baby can't be able to suck it, you are the one to drain it into either a baby cup where he or she can take it from. You end up having so many sleepless nights since you have to keep feeding the kid after few hours.

The baby is usually discharged from the hospital after he or she records a certain weight. You have to do everything to make sure your baby get that weight so as to be discharged.Its even more worse if you have twins. There are some things that if you avoid as a lady while pregnant you may reduce the chances of having premature birth.

1.Avoid any alcoholic drinks.This is one of the causes of premature birth. So many ladies make this mistake knowingly. Alcohol can have a very high impact on your unborn baby. You may even come to regret when its so late. Some ladies say that just taking little wine can't have an effect on the unborn baby. This is where you end up going wrong. If you care about your unborn baby make sure you avoid any alcoholic drinks while pregnant.

2.Avoid taking drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor. Sometimes you have have some headache and you end up taking pain killers just to relieve the pain. These drugs are not friendly with the unborn baby in your womb. These drugs can even lead to abortion. Make sure any medicine or drug you take is described by a doctor considering the fact that you are pregnant.

3.Avoid sleeping whole day, instead make sure you have enough exercises each and everyday. At this moments your body usually needs alot of exercise so as to be able to cope with changes in your body. Exercises will even help you reduce the chance of having premature birth. Each and everyday make sure you have some walk or you can also visit a gym.

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